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GPT-4 Powered AI PR Tools Market Hubs Lite Officially Launches

Hong Kong integrated marketing agency Market Hubs today announced the launch of its AI product Market Hubs Lite, powered by the GPT-4 model, to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in adopting public relations and promotional services.

Driven by generative AI, Market Hubs Lite users only need to answer around 10 simple questions, and the system will generate press releases in both Chinese and English. The cost of drafting and distributing a press release starts at just 6,000 HKD*, with various value-added packages available to lower the entry barriers for SMEs. Several companies have already tried the service, and interested enterprises are welcome to register on the official website.

Lierence Li, Managing Director of Market Hubs said, "The emergence of AI chatbots like ChatGPT has brought more opportunities to the PR industry. We hope that Market Hubs Lite can enable SMEs to try AI PR services, helping them take their businesses to new heights." He added that a fully automated interface will soon be launched, allowing SMEs to place orders, fill out forms, and retrieve drafts in a one-stop solution.

As one of the first integrated marketing agencies in Hong Kong to adopt the AI chatbot ChatGPT, Market Hubs' AI PR services will create various types of content through the chatbot, covering press releases, speeches, social media promotion, SEO, CRM, and more. This approach reduces the time required for traditional manual operations by over 30%, ultimately creating greater value for clients.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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